About Us

REdeUSE can assist you with the removal and re-purposing of your surplus corporate furniture assets and is committed to diverting as much product from landfill as possible, through the resale, re-purposing and recycling of your firm’s office and ancillary furniture.

Mike LaFlamme

Managing Partner

Mike LaFlamme has close to 30 years of experience in the office furniture industry and has developed an extensive network of partnering professionals. With a background including leadership roles in operations, retail business development, as well as consulting roles within the sustainability industry, Mike has an extensive project portfolio that includes many of North America’s leading companies. For the past several years Mike has focused on the re-purposing of the office furnishings of some of the largest companies in Canada and the United States. Recognizing that each project has its nuances, Mike identifies the value within each project and strives to create an optimal return for our clients.

Wendy Potomski, CFA

Managing Partner

Wendy brings over 20 years of senior consulting experience assisting clients identify and address current and future business and operational risks associated with growing sustainability issues. Wendy has demonstrated her ability to manage large, complex projects and to consistently meet timelines and exceed client expectations. Wendy understands each client’s unique situation and develops innovative, value-added solutions to allow them to capitalize on available opportunities. Wendy has proven her ability to learn and comprehend unique business matters and has maintained long-term relationships with clients across a broad range of industries.