The ultimate goal of REdeUSE is to divert as much inventory from landfill as possible, while striving to generate value that aligns with our clients’ strategic objectives.

Asset Recovery
Let the REdeUSE team assist you with realizing the maximum value of your firm’s surplus or end of life assets. We will provide a thorough assessment of your firm’s inventory and advise on how to best position it for reintegration into the office furniture market.
Brokering is an ideal way to aid in your firm’s realization of a positive return on its surplus inventory. REdeUSE will bring your inventory direct to market, while managing every aspect of the process, including evaluation, marketing and logistics. Our attention to detail creates the maximum return for your organization.
REdeUSE will alleviate your challenges of removing surplus corporate assets. Whether the inventory is still being utilized or is in storage, we will develop a program that will allow your firm to decommission the inventory in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. Every effort will be made to minimize the impact on the environment, with detailed attention paid to re-purposing and recycling.
Liquidation of surplus assets is an efficient way to free up desired space, as well as minimize storage and handling costs. When your office furnishings are no longer required to perform for your business, let the REdeUSE team create new life, and revenue, by re-integrating the product into the marketplace through its extensive network of partners.
Project Management
When it comes to managing projects that require the disposition or relocation of office furnishings, the REdeUSE team will establish a plan, organize and control procedures that will allow your firm to achieve its goals. Whether short or long term in scope, we will optimize the outcome of your company’s predefined objectives.
REdeUSE also purchases surplus office furniture inventories outright. Upon evaluation, which includes factors such as quantities, quality and timelines, purchasing can be the most suitable solution. In doing so, it creates maximum efficiency and return, as well as being ideal for your firm’s environmental initiatives.